Phillipine Bandurria

Philippine Bandurria The bandurria originated in Spain during the 14th century in a form having 12 strings in six double-strung unison courses. The 14-string Philippine variant, developed sometime during the

Instrument Portraits

Here is a gallery of guitars and other fretted instruments, many of them special in some way due to design, scarcity or fame.  All of them passed through the shop

Epiphone Recording Model B (ca. 1924)

Epiphone Recording Model B (ca. 1924) This is an instrument from a period when Epiphone made superlative guitars and banjos.  Note the unique early example of cutaway design allowing access

Gibson Reverse Firebird with one pickup (ca. 1960)

Gibson Reverse Firebird with one pickup (ca. 1960) This is an extremely rare example of the Firebird as very few were made with just one pickup and most of them

Guitarsmith Fretless Bass (1986)

Guitarsmith Fretless Bass (1986) The design of this instrument was the result of intimate collaboration with the client to incorporate features that he had identified as well suited to his

Epiphone Emperor (1948)

Epiphone Emperor (1948) At the time this instrument was made it was one of the best arch top guitars available and stood at the top of Epiphone’s line of acoustic

1958 Les Paul

Gibson Les Paul “Flame-Top” (1958) This is the holy grail of 20th century electric guitardom.  Although many of these were produced it is difficult to find examples like this in cherry