Guitarsmith Fretless Bass (1986)
Walsh Bass Body Close Up

The design of this instrument was the result of intimate collaboration with the client to incorporate features that he had identified as well suited to his needs.  Most notable is the design of the body with the unusually long horn with one of the strap fixtures at its tip, the other (black dot) being located between the waist and lower bout.  The purpose of this arrangement is to reduce fatigue and accommodate his playing position with the instrument held nearly upright, similar to the position in which an upright string bass is played.  Except for tuning machines, strap fixtures and control circuit parts it is entirely “scratch-built” including the bridge and pickups of unique design.  The solid brass bridge is massive at 24 oz., much of it buried in the body and the neck is ballasted with lead for even tone and sustain from first position to the double octave and suppression of “dead spots” throughout its range.