Gibson Les Paul “Flame-Top” (1958)
'58 Les Paul Flame Top

This is the holy grail of 20th century electric guitardom.  Although many of these were produced it is difficult to find examples like this in cherry condition, the stain colors strong without fading, and with all original parts down to the screws securing the neck rod cover.

While these guitars bear the name of the famous player, they do not at all resemble the idea that Les Paul presented to Gibson, their design originating with Ted McCarty who was president of the company at the time the Les Paul model was developed (ca. 1950).

For most players an instrument such as this is available only in their wildest dreams and they are among the most highly valued in the vintage market.  The Les Paul pictured here is the first guitar that I ever worked on for pay when I opened my shop in NYC in 1969.