solder72Hello, and please allow me to share with you my interest in and enthusiasm for that most excellent of all instruments whose name I need not speak.  If you are not already devoted to or at least mildly obsessed with the guitar I would hope to change that by presenting the instrument through my own perspective acquired over a lifetime acquaintance with it.  I was born into a household already possessed of a guitar and I have lived with them ever since in varying degrees of awe, inspiration and sometimes frustration.

My first attraction was simply to the unique sound of a vibrating string, but I very soon started to wonder about how the sound was made and just what was I was hearing.  Actually, curiosity about what lies beyond immediate perception has been a defining influence throughout my life, animating my approach to almost everything.

headstock72A predictable result of this mind set was that about as soon as I started playing guitars I also peered inside and, to the extent possible, began taking them apart to see what made them tick, and “doing things to them.”  This led to a somewhat uneven course of events during which I actually damaged my dad’s guitar – a perhaps prophetic incident in view of what has become the focus of my lifetime relationship with the instrument.



So, while this site is about the work that I have done and continue to do and the services I offer to players of all fretted instruments, it is more concerned with what is behind their functioning.  This extends to discussions about the behavior of vibrating strings, acoustics, electricity and magnetism, electronics – everything that comes into play making possible the operation of guitars both acoustic and electric.  There are players who feel that such understanding spoils the “magic of music”, but I feel that it does nothing so much as increase our appreciation of the musical experience.  I hope that you find this site both useful and interesting.